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20 Questions with Roxy Petrucci, 2/24/04




Vixen Drummer Roxy Petrucci


After all this time, Metal Sludge has never done 20 Questions with anybody from Vixen. Well we had to do something about that, and now we have. This week we’re talking to Vixen drummer Roxy Petrucci. Back in the day, Vixen were all over MTV and in Metal Edge so it was about time that one of them stepped up to answer our stupid questions. And Roxy was that person! Enjoy!

1. What are you currently up to? This is your only chance to promote your stuff.

On the creative front, I’ve been recording some heavy stuff with Maxine in addition to a European project with Janet and Gina called V3 with release dates later this year. Other than that I’m the garage-kept ’78 anniversary Corvette that’s tuned and ready for some high performance. So dial-up my digits, I’ll down some Red Bulls and I’m there!

2. You’ve been working with your sister Maxine in a project called “Titania.” What’s that all about and what do you hope to achieve with a 3-song EP? Why not record a full-length CD and just sell it online?

Titania can best be described as the brain-child of Maxine and yours truly. It’s edgy, heavy and will hit you like a shot right to the head. The 4-song EP is merely to make some noise and get something out there. Unfortunately we live in different states so it’s taking us eons to get this shit done. We’ll be fart’in dust by the time we’d have recorded a full length CD so our 4-song EP is destined for the online market which will have to suffice for now.

3. VH1 recently conducted a poll on their Web site to see which bands viewers wanted to see on “Bands Reunited,” with Vixen amongst the nominees. So if that Ahmet guy from VH1 ambushes you with a film crew one day while you’re buying groceries or filling your gas tank, are you going to be cool about it and agree to a reunion, or will you flip out and kick him in the nads?

I’ll agree to do it, kick him in the nads and tell him to top off the tank, check the oil and clean the windshield cause I’m a fucking rockstar and I’m back.

4. What hard rock/heavy metal band should give it up and call it a day?

I’m really struggling to find a hard rock/heavy metal band I can get off on these days? bring’ em all back. Priest, Maiden, Accept, Dio ?

5. Rate the following drummers on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being somebody who couldn’t keep time with a watch and 10 being somebody who is the master.

Frankie Banali = 9

Blas Elias = 8

Fred Coury = 7

3. Peter Criss = 5

Eric Singer = 9 Great.

Tommy Lee = 9 Solid as a rockhard 17 yr. old

Carmine Appice = 10

Rikki Rockett = 5

Vinnie Colaiuta = 10 his playing gives ME a boner

Mark “Bam Bam” McConnell = great with the fills and tricks but?6

I have to add Tommy Aldridge to the list = 10

6. Vixen went out on the Voice Of Metal tour in 2001 but you and Janet left during the tour and left Jan as the only original member. What happened that was so drastic that you couldn’t finish the tour? Was it having to hear Vince Neil and Slaughter perform every night or were there other reasons?

That’s funny!! We wanted to finish the tour but the gigs weren’t there. Not enough ‘bling-bling’ was going ‘ka-ching-ching’ for us to sing-sing. Janet left and I saw no point continuing with unknown replacements.

7. Sebastian Bach and Bam Bam McConnell joined Madam X in 1986, which was the same year you left the band. 2 years later, that incarnation of Madam X basically called it a day. Do you feel that Baz was a good fit for the band, or did his tenure as frontman have anything to do with Madam X throwing in the towel? Feel free to speculate and elaborate. We like that shit.

Baz was an uncut diamond and with the right edges and polish went on to good things. If you want the dirty details you’ll have to ask Max, I was already outta there. The magic of Madam X was lost after Bret and I were gone.

8. What do you remember about playing or being in the following cities:.

Seattle = must have had some great times because I can’t remember a thing

Dallas = Great Tequila

Boston = cute guys and Cape Cod

New Orleans = lots of skeeters and wild crowds

Atlanta = Six Flags and vomiting

Miami = Rockin’ on the beach while laughing at the men in speedos

Philadelphia = again drawing a blank

Hollywood = It’s what happens after the show.

Chicago = Da’Bears

Detroit = There’s no place like home. Detroit Rock City!

9. You briefly worked with Lorraine Lewis of Femme Fatale in a project described as “a female Van Halen.” Who else was involved was involved with that, and why didn’t it work out?

I can’t remember.

10. Rate the following dudes on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being a total scrub and 10 being a hottie.

Bret Michaels = 7.5

Jani Lane = not my type

David Lee Roth = what the hell is he saying anyway? 6

Tommy Lee = he’s a bit worn out and weathered

Kid Rock = I like his moves?7

Gene Simmons = that tongue has been where no one has gone before?I don’t wanna know!

Stephen Pearcy = 6

Kip Winger = Haven’t seen him in 10 yrs.

Sebastian Bach = great stage presence but again not my type

Chris Doliber = c’mon he’s like an ex- brother inlaw to me.

11. Being a chick in a male dominated industry, how much shit have you had to put up with? Give us a few quick examples.

We were accused of being guys dressed as chicks and I can understand that, our balls are big! The phrase “your good for a girl ‘ sparked a fuse, I couldn’t resist a comeback of “Suck my Dick”! Other than na?ve comments our ride in the big show was the opportunity of a lifetime!

12. What rock star deserves a smack in the mouth and why?

Anyone with an opinion, so please just shut-up and play!

13. Which do you prefer and why:

The Ritz or Harpos = The Ritz?I’m afraid of getting shot at Harpos

Precious Metal or Phantom Blue = Phantom Blue?I jammed with Michelle Meldrum and she’s a good guitarist.

Zildjian or Sabian = Zildjian.. I don’t crack them easily and I have an endorsement.

Twinkies or Ding Dongs = I try and stay away from that shit?.it’s protein bars and chocolate.

Dogs D’Amour or Bubble = Bubble, they’re gritty and in your face.

Randy Nicklaus or Spencer Proffer = Spencer Proffer. He let us rock and wasn’t anal.

Firehouse or Killer Dwarfs = I can’t remember much about Killer Dwarfs but we did tour with Firehouse and they were a nice bunch of guys.

Blow jobs or Rim jobs = Blow jobs because I heard it taste like chicken.

Bret Kaiser or John Ward = Bret Kaiser, he had it all.

Tampons or Maxi Pads = Tampons

14. What are your 3 best and 3 worst memories of Vixen?

3 best-( 1) The first arena gig opening for the Scorpions? 2nd being paid to perform as the drummer of Vixen?3rd Seeing my face on the cover of Rolling Stone-oops, that hasn’t happened yet.

3 worst-(1)the breakup of Vixen?2nd Being sued for performing as the drummer of Vixen?3rd could it get any worse—oh yeah, The Voices of Metal tour ’01.

15. Yes or No, has Roxy Petrucci ever:

Ended a date by saying, “Not in the face” = No, I’m much too selfish for that. However, there’s always room for pie.

Sunbathed nude = I’ve experienced sunburned lips on rare occasion.

Worn a bunny suit = worn a latex cop suit struttin the stage with Klaus Meine

Been arrested = gotta love a man in uniform

Slept in a drum case = slept with a nut case.

Gotten laid in a fire truck = My fantasy

Eaten a banana in a hardware store = eaten a banana in the Pleasure Chest

Had naughty thoughts about a barnyard animal = eeeeww

Tried to stab someone with a drumstick = nailed someone in the forehead

Touched another woman’s vagina = guys just love to fantasize.

16. Are there any current female bands or artists that you enjoy?

The Donnas are fun. I think Pink has a great voice but I have to give it to Ann Wilson. I like Godsmack and System of a Down but hard rock is hurtin these days so I listen to XM radio for my fix.

17. Last of Roxy:

Last time you played the clarinet = yesterday

Last insect you killed = there are a few parasites I know who are full of shit and should be squashed.

Last drum clinic you appeared at = The Guitar Center

Last medical procedure you underwent = nothing, but my poor Lab had a finger stuck up his poop-shoot by the Vet. He still hasn’t forgiven me.

Last song you wrote = Back on the Horse

Last sex toy you used = my husband

Last movie you saw = ‘In the cut’ and it SUCKED

Last CD you purchased = Audio Slave and Dream Theater

Last time you talked to Jan Kuehnemund = we email frequently

Last time you got drunk = I woke up naked in the bathroom.

Maxine & Roxy, 2001

18. Of all the bands that Vixen ever toured with, who were the coolest to work with and who were the biggest bunch of jackasses you’ve ever met?

?our secrets are in the vault.

19. What’s the shortest amount of time before you let a guy into your pants?

Wardrobe malfunctions are just part of being in rock-n-roll. That’s all I have to say about that.

20. Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association. We mention a name and you give us your thoughts.

Gary Ashton = taught me how to beat the skins?.The Funky Primer dude

Steve Vai = Billy Sheehan and Greg Bissonette?it’s illegal the talent they had together

Sebastian Bach = Dude look at my penis

Rick Derringer = Still rockin someone’s hootchie

Jesse James Dupree = Jackal rocked!

Lita Ford = The Country Club in Reseda- Madam X and Lita Ford?Wild times!

Vince Neil = plug him in he’s a live wire, a cool guy, real friendly and knows how to work the crowd.

Share Pedersen = ahh the good old daze!

Chris Doliber = There goes Godzilla

Maxine Petrucci = She’s got the fingers of ET and can stretch them up and down the fret board like Gumby. Her guitar playing is out of this world ?. Titania!



Roxy has a brand new website which can be found at www.RoxyPetrucci.com! Be sure to check it out!

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