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20 Questions with Jackie Enx, 3/19/02



Rhino Bucket Drummer Jackie Enx

In the 3 1/2 years that we’ve been doing Metal Sludge, this is by far one of the most unique 20 Questions we’ve ever done and one you will never forget!

You might be asking, what’s so special about 20 Questions with the drummer from Rhino Bucket?

Others of you might be saying, didn’t Rhino Bucket have a drummer guy named Liam Jason and who’s this Jackie Enx chick?

Well, Liam Jason, a male, and Jackie Enx, a female, are….well…..both still in Rhino Bucket because….uh…..they’re the same person!

See, Liam Jason has changed his sex from a male to a female and is now known as Jackie Enx! That’s right, this is Metal Sludge’s first 20 Questions with a Trans-gendered person! This brings a whole new meaning to “dude looks like a lady.”

Liam Jason

Jackie had the balls….uh….that might not be the wording we’re looking for but you know what we mean…..to come forward and answer all the questions we had about this procedure. And since this is Metal Sludge, we didn’t exactly ask politically correct questions. She gave us very detailed answers and didn’t avoid anything, and just for the hell of it, we asked a few questions about Rhino Bucket as well.

This is Jackie’s first interview with a rock site regarding all this, so we thank her and Rhino Bucket for coming to us.

So sit back and be prepare to learn about something you probably had no idea you’d be reading about today.


1. nike tn Tell us what you are currently up to. This is your chance to plug your bands, projects, websites, etc.
Lately, I have been “manning” (and I use the term loosely) the drum kit in that little ol’ rock n’ roll band called Rhino Bucket and trying to answer mail about my web site
(www . jackieenx . com) while continuing to put one foot firmly in front of the other. The website is a personal transgender info site and basically a diary of my journey.

2. Enough beating around the bush. Please tell us when you decided to change your sex from male to female.
What prompted you to have your penis lopped off?
I started 9 years ago? I was completely naive to the whole trans-gendered world until I was 37? I wasn’t gay, and most TS info and organizations are put in with the gay/lesbian groups, so I had never even heard of a “Trans-gendered” person. adidas yeezy boost I was playing in the band, and just leading my life. The problem was I was just sorta never felt “comfortable” being a guy. (This is going to sound “out there” but I actually thought ALL guys sorta felt the same way, but we all just did the best we could). Peyton Manning Jerseys
Luckily for me, I saw some article talking about a TS, his/her feelings, journey, etc? As I read about it, I went “whoa? that’s me”!!! I realized that I was living on the wrong side of the gender fence and that was the whole basis of my discomfort. asics gel lyte 5 hombre negras (The gender fence is much thinner than most people think. My psyche testing has backed that up)
As far as the penis thing? it’s still here, for about 6 more months? It is “non- functional” sexually and I’m on the waiting list to get the SRS (sex reassignment surgery)
FYI: for the people that think that this whole thing is weird, rare, unique or “out there” here’s an interesting fact? the waiting list that I’m on, is 18 months long… There are a lot of TS people in the world, and a lot more that would be if they weren’t afraid of admitting it.

  • The world can be a cruel place. Lots of people stay unhappy rather than fight it. That’s just not me.

    3. Besides Rhino Bucket, what hard rock / heavy metal band should give it up and call it a day?
    Creed? heavy metal pompous graduating class 2000? if I see one more “I’m so forlorn” look in a video from that singer, I’m going to slit my wrists? or maybe his.

    4. Most of us Sludgeaholics are clueless as to the rigorous process of having one’s sex changed. air jordan 5 oreo damskie In a nutshell please tell us what is involved, and how far are you along in this process?
    As far as a true transition, there are 3 major parts?
    Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) which is replacing the hormones of the sex you were born with. Guys run on testosterone, girls on estrogen.

    Part 2 is the psyche work. You have to prove you aren’t nuts…

    And the third step is to do the physical changes (would you like C, D or DD?), and that includes changing the genitalia (SRS)?

    Jackie note: Unfortunately, Trans-gender has become a term used for everyone from drag queens to true post op sex change people? I don’t think most of them should be considered true Trans-genders?
    The word “Trans” is short for “transition”, or change. If you are not “changing”, then the term “Trans” is wrongly used, and drag queens, cross-dressers and even she-males are not changing their sex, yet they can and do get lumped in with Trans-gendered people.
    In my opinion, it’s pretty simple?If you haven’t changed the hormones, you are a guy, and will remain a guy.
    Putting on high heels or even getting breasts doesn’t make you female? The hormones are the true key.
    As far as me, everything is done except the final operation, which will be in Oct or January. I have an F on my license, so I’m legally a female, all the psyche work is done and approved, and I’m just waiting to get the final “correct part”? That will be a great day. And finally, it’s not far away.

    Liam in Rhino Bucket
    5. Rank the following drummers on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being a chimp who can barely play bongos and 10 being a skin-banging demigod.
    Frankie Banali = fabulous? solid player and a great guy? all good? 9
    Vikki Fox = all I remember was a lot of stick twirling? of course, he’s pretty enough to be a majorette? 5
    Phil Rudd = who ???
    Rikki Rockett = seems like a nice guy? fits in with the band? 5
    Carmine Appice = a legend? I prefer his brother’s playing but that is no slam on Carmine? 7
    Mike Fasano = don’t know him, or of him? sorry
    Peter Criss = hey? KISS is KISS? but as a player?5 maybe
    Wild Mick Brown = I adore Mick Brown?plain and simple? 9
    Blas Elias = Did he ever “rent that space” on that silly mounted bass drum in the old video’s????I actually don’t know if he can play? He does look good? 6
    Simon Wright = he’s in the Bucket family? and he’s good? 8

    6. When you changed your name a few years back, what factors led you to decide on “Jackie Enx” and what, if anything, does it mean?
    Well, I did get to pick? so I picked Jackie because there are a group of women named Jackie that I respected. I think it’s a strong name, has a hint of fun, and it fits me. I never even considered another name. I got Enx from a friend of mine, and it’s just a little private play on words. The cool thing is that it was a name that developed it’s own nickname, along the same lines that J-Lo developed out of Jennifer Lopez. timberland 6-inch premium Rod Carew Baseball Jersey You take JA from Jackie, and X from Enx, and you get JAX? everybody calls me Jax. I love that.

    7. Have you ever dated a guy who had no idea you were once a dude, and how do they generally react when you tell them?
    All the time? I tell them before it gets too far along? I’m not here to “surprise” anyone. . I tell them the truth, I answer any questions and I let them decide? Most guys are visual, and if a guy likes what he sees, most of the battle is already over. I explain to them that my body does not react as a man, (meaning I don’t have erections) and that I can and do orgasm. I also tell them they don’t have to “go anywhere” that will make them uncomfortable? About 75% decide they are ok with it, but, they often change their mind later?I’ve never been beat up or anything? Basically, we hang out, and then whatever happens, happens? same thing every other woman on the planet does?

    8. How did it come about that Rhino Bucket’s song “Ride With Yourself” appeared on the Wayne’s World soundtrack?
    The producer Penelope thought our bass player Reeve was cute?so she gave us a slot in the movie?. I got to pick up a double platinum album ? and I owe it all to Reeve’s parents’ genetics.

    9. You also used to be in the band Warrior, who’s album “Fighting For the Earth” is considered by some to be a metal classic. How come it was the only thing Warrior ever released and what brought about the demise of that band?
    I left the band, along with the original bass player after the recording of the album, and the band didn’t even put our pics on the album cover, even though we played on all of the album’s tracks?
    I think the band got a bad deal when they got caught in the whole MCA mess? lots of bands went down with that? they were one. They are still recording and touring Japan and other countries (they headline festivals in Europe) with Joe and Parry being the only 2 original members left. So, in reality, they aren’t actually done at all.

    10. Please rate the following guys on a scale of 1 – 10. 1 being a total scrub and 10 being a modern-day Adonis.
    Jackie note: Before I do this, I want to make one thing clear? I have talked to, hung out with and perhaps even jammed with some of these guys back before I started the transition. At the time, I didn’t date or go out with guys. They were my friends and my peers. adidas pure boost hombre I started dating guys 6 years into the transition, and by then I was a long way from the whole rock n’ roll thing.
    I think the hormonal changes affect everything in your life, including sexuality.
    Liam was “straight”. So is Jackie?.

    Whatever I say is based on my feelings now, not back then?
    Bret Michaels = nice guy and was very good looking? haven’t seen him recently? 7
    Sebastian Bach = never met him? nice to look at? 8
    Jani Lane = man-o-man? way too many blondes here? but Jani is a good guy, and judging by your website, obviously a good sport ? 7
    Mark Wahlberg = not my type? 4
    Vince Neil = don’t know him? did some stupid “rock-star” things, paid a small price for it and lately has had some not so good stuff happen. Karma? Maybe? The story of his daughter was just so sad? I cry when I think about it? for some reason, I really feel for the guy? based on looks alone? I don’t know, hard for me to do ? I’ll say 6
    Kip Winger = cool guy? a little too pretty 6
    Paul Stanley = about time you gave me somebody with dark hair?Paul is all good? I’ll take dark over blonde any day? 8
    Georg Dolivo = I see his ass a lot.. It’s right in front of me during rehearsals and gigs? rate it ??? Not on your life?
    Marilyn Manson = I have no idea what he truly looks like?I think it would be fun to play in his band though.
    Rob Halford = a good guy and I like his look? 8 (Jackie note: if you are thinking “hey, Robs gay, go for it?”let me tell you something? 99% of gay men will not date me. New Balance 247 damskie Gay men like men. There is nothing here for a gay man to be interested in. I have met Rob and talked to him? he is all-good with me, and me with him).
    David Lee Roth = great entertainer? and more than a bit of an asshole? sorry Dave ? 3
    Jim Bob Dwarf, our Sludgeaholic of the Year = the coolest? 12
    FYI: You left off my fav rocker guy? Mark Torien (spell?) of the BulletBoys? the “smooth up in ya” video? yea, yea? I know he’s blond but I’ll make an exception?we were pretty good friends back in the day? I don’t think he knows about the transition, and I haven’t seen him in 10 years, but in my eyes today, in that video, he would be pushin’ a 10?

    11. Since you’ve been both a man and a woman, give us 3 perks of being a guy and 3 perks of being a chick.
    I can’t do that? Being a guy was bummer to me? but I will say this? and I’ll try to put this out there gently?
    (Please remember I’m using very broad strokes here? there are varying degrees within each sex)

    The whole Mars/Venus thing is a little like this: Men see things in black, white and shades of gray? women see things in color? that is why the 2 sexes see the same thing and at the same time see nothing of the same thing.

    For a man to be a man, and to exist and thrive on this planet, all he needs is data. That allows him to be decisive, driven, ambitious etc? Everything a “man” is supposed to be? “Colors” would just get in the way? Males need data and they need to get on with it? ALL of those things are exactly what TESTOSTERONE gives you? Testosterone is a black and white drug? it’s what makes a guy a guy?

    Women are known to be more caring, loving, emotional, etc? they see things in “shades” of color? it isn’t just black and white? it is anything BUT black and white? They need that color? ESTROGEN is the color hormone?

    Pretend life is shown on a television set? If all you need is the data to make a life decision, a simple 21″ black and white TV will suffice? and for most men, data is enough. Boom, bang, input in, react and onward they go?
    A woman sees the same data, but on a color TV and she takes the time to savor red from burgundy and blue from turquoise? and guys, make a note, it’s important to her. nike air max 2013

    So, they both see the same picture and yet they haven’t seen the same thing at all?
    Mars vs. Venus? so close, yet so far

    12. Which do you prefer and why:
    Dartboards or pool tables = pool tables? Darts ??? zzz zz zzz zzz
    Zildjian or Paiste cymbals = Sabian
    Big Macs or Whoppers = Whoppers? Big Macs??? Simply say no?
    Ozzy Osbourne or Alice Cooper = BOTH!!!
    Saline or silicon = silicone? no contest
    Spiders or snakes = you forgot lizards?
    Karaoke bars or sushi bars = sushi
    Tattoo Rodeo or Rose Tattoo = you are kidding, right???
    John Butches or Drag Queens = drag if it’s campy?. I love silly campy drag
    Injections or hormone implants = I use the implant

    13. Two part question:
    1) For what reason did you leave Rhino Bucket after the “Get Used To It” album and tour?
    I had some “personal business” to attend to? Helloooooooooooooo

    2) When and how did you reunite with your former bandmates?
    The phone rang? I was 6 years into this whole thing. They asked me to help arrange some songs for their new band, Buzzard kill 7. I put on a baggy sweat shirt, pulled my hat down and went down and helped out a little? One thing led to another? they asked if I wanted to join, I asked if they wanted a girl drummer? then I had to call 911 to revive everyone? We did try it, but they decided against it. The guys didn’t like the idea that a lot of people would focus on my transition, instead of the music, which, looking back, makes perfect sense. I did play on their EP, and just like that, I was gone again. A couple of years later, Georg wanted to put the Bucket back together and since I was there at the beginning, and it wasn’t a “new” project, the transition is just personal stuff that has happened in my life. The boys in the band are all cool with that. And as usual, we need more kick drum in the mix?
    Some things never change?

    Rhino Bucket 2001

    14. Do you think Angus Young should still do that strip thing he does in the middle of the show? Isn’t he too fucking old for that?
    I’d like to be there when you tell him that?
    Make sure you give me a minute to find a suitable place to “take cover”

    15. The last of Jackie Enx:
    Last CD you bought = Melissa Ethridge “skin”? I was going through a bad break-up? the album was, and still is, therapy? Melissa writes from a very feminine point of view? I still listen to it a lot.
    Last contest you won = I plan on winning sludgette of the month?
    Last video or DVD you rented = I don’t know? some comedy I’m sure? I’m not much of a movie person
    Last song you heard on the radio that you really liked = I like Train’s “Drops of Jupiter” (Ok? go ahead?kill me)
    Last insect or rodent you killed = “Ozzy, could you get this for me honey ? “
    Last time someone asked you for your autograph = 2 days ago?
    Last time some drunk guy hit on you = 4 days ago? it happens every weekend? drunk guys are just a riot?
    Last time you gave someone a good ass kicking = Hmmmm, let’s see?I do charity work. I raise money for children born with HIV. A couple of years ago (and well into the transition) someone tried to steal some of the donated money? That was bad idea #1? Then he tried to run? That was bad idea #2?. chaussure adidas zx flux I don’t think he expected me to chase him down? he may still be lying there.
    Last time you had an erection = Honey, I get erections all the time? they are just connected to someone else’s body.

    Rhino Bucket back in the day
    Liam is second from the left
    16. Of all the bands Rhino Bucket or Warrior ever toured with, which ones were the most difficult to work with and why?
    All the major acts were pretty cool? on our first tour, the Bucket often opened for some local hotshot band? they usually had a bit of a chip on their shoulder? we did a gig in NJ where I was literally OFF THE STAGE?
    The “headliner” had this ridiculous drum set and he wouldn’t move it? I was off the stage in the right wings?
    BTW: we blew them away? and I blew him away? dickhead little shit.

    17. Which ‘rock star’ deserves a smack in the mouth?
    I hate self-hype. I have a big problem with anybody that favorably compares himself or herself to someone else? If you are better than John Lennon, that’s fabulous, I’m sure I’ll hear about it? I just don’t want to hear about it from you.

    18. Seriously, do you ever miss being a guy? And what happens if, one day, you change your mind about being a woman?
    Nope? Never? forget about it?

    19. When you first became a chick, did you just sit around the house and play with yourself?
    Wouldn’t you if you had boobs ????

    20. Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association. We mention a name, and you give us your thoughts.
    Paul Stanley = cool?
    Bon Scott = maybe the best rock lyric writer ever?. (Georg is real good too)
    Rob Halford = metal
    Greg Fields = a very good guy to have in a band?
    Kid Rock = I’m a fan? and I believe he “gets it” beyond all the idiot trappings he seems to surround himself with.
    Freddy Mercury = a front guy that if you were playing drums in his band, and looked down and saw him, you’d feel like every gig is going to be a great one? I think the same of Steven Tyler.
    Joe Floyd = still a friend? we had a lot of good times? Warrior was a f*cking good band .
    Marcie Free = I didn’t know who this was? Jim Bob told me? I need to do a little homework perhaps.
    Riki Rachtman = I miss The Cathouse, and Riki was always cool to me? I hate it when I hear people bash him because I personally haven’t seen a reason
    Liam Jason = you had to do that, didn’t you ? ? Ok? a decent drummer and a decent person? and a pretty good guy. No regrets.

    Say what you want, but Jackie’s got a nice rack!

    Now where else are you going to read an interview like that?

    Regardless of what your opinion is, Jackie gave us an honest, indepth, and humourous interview and that’s all we ever ask for. Plus she can hang and is a Sludgeaholic, or should we say, Sludgette!

    For more info on Jackie, you can go to www.jackieenx.com and www.rhinobucket.com.
    Jim Bob Dwarf is Rhino Bucket’s webmaster!

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