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Sludge Scans For November 2000


As Of November 1, 2000

Collective Soul “Blender” 100,781
Deftones “White Pony” 661,121
Fozzy  4,311
Sammy Hagar “Ten 13″ 25,061
Kid Rock “The History Of Rock” 1,855,797
Limp Bizkit “Chocolate Starfish And The Hotdog Flavored Water” 1,447,796
Linkin Park “Hybrid Theory” 44,971
Megadeth “Capitol Punishment” 20,113
Orgy “Vapor Transmission” 125,801
Overkill “Bloodletting” 2,450


Limp Bizkit scans drop from 1,054,511 to 392,540 this week, but it’s still enough to hold on to #1 on the

Billboard Top 200. Lenny Kravitz “Greatest Hits” Debuts at #2 w/161,885 units scanned.  New band Linkin

Park debuts at #16.  Farther down, we see veterans Sammy Hagar (#52) and Megadeth (#66) chart with their

new releases.  Orgy continues their 3 week chart slide this week (#16–>#34–>#68) as scans drop from 35,959

to 19,794…maybe they should do another cover song.

Over on the Heatseekers Chart, Fozzy makes a strong entry at #27 as they try to reclaim their material.

Overkill’s “Bloodletting” debuts at #77 with a bullet.

As Of November 14, 2000

AC/DC “Stiff Upper Lip”  640,597
Lizzy Borden “Deal With The Devil”  2,079
Collective Soul “Disciplined Breakdown” 681,640
DDT “Urban Observer”  4,104
Doro “Calling The Wild” 2,735
Dream Theater “Scenes From A Memory”  96,217
Faith No More “Album Of The Year”  192,601
Incubus “s.c.i.e.n.c.e.” 230,860
Iommi 22,126
Kittie  491,632
Marilyn Manson “Last Tour On Earth” 169,232
Queensryche “Greatest Hits” 82,783
Slash’s Snakepit “It’s 5 o’clock Somewhere” 119,160
Soulfly “Soulfly” 278,531
Union Underground “An Education In Rebellion” 132,246

As Of November 17, 2000

It appears in my last update that I made an error.  Several Queensryche fans emailed me and brought it to my attention.  For example,

In June, you reported the scan totals for Queensryche’s Q2k at: 132,691.

For the ones in November (most recent) you have Q2k listed at: 82,783

Did you forget to add a “1” in front of the first “8” possibly?

No big deal, but I just wanted to get the correct number.




Thanks for your question, it’s nice to know people are reading my Scans.  The numbers were actually for the

Greatest Hits and not Q2K.  Here are the current totals for both titles:

Greatest Hits – 84,833

Q2K – 139,611

Well, unlike Slaughter fans, we have just found out that Queensryche fans can read!



Onto the scans!

Disturbed “The Sickness” 723,135
Fozzy 8,412
Godsmack 2,612,766
Godsmack “Awake” 382,102
Hair Of The Dog, 1st record 4/1/97

…re-issue 2/10/98

…re-issue 12/1/98

…re-issue (Spitfire) 4/4/00





Hair Of The Dog “Rise” 3,779
Iron Maiden “Brave New World” 175,355
Korn “Issues” 2,840,149
Lit “Five Smokin’ Tracks From…” 306
Lit “Tripping The Light Fantastic” 1997

 …..re-issue 1999



Lit “Place In The Sun” 1,260,735
Sevendust 600,445
Sevendust “Home”  490,648
Slipknot  1,059,186
Steve Vai “The 7th Song” 2,558
Zebrahead “Playmate Of The Year” 42,257

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