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10 Questions w/ Stallion Four.

10 Questions w/ Stallion Four


Stallion Four


Here is our latest 10?s with another rock band from Sweden. Ladies and germs, Stallion Four.


1. Who is Stallion Four, what does the name mean, who’s in the band & what are the goals of the project?

Stallion four is a band from Uppsala/Sweden that plays classic hardrock/rock n´roll!

The name stands for raw total POWER, the kind of power you experience at a great rock n´roll live concert!

The band  consists of : Björn – vocals, Peter – Guitar, Gustav – bass guitar and Oskar – drums.

Our goal is to to bring and spread great kick ass rock music around the world to as many as possible!


2. Some of you guys may have been in former bands/projects, what have you done that the fans need to know about?

Gustav and Peter has played with Underworld creepers and Wilderness before, bands that played classic rock.

Oskar has played drums in a reggae band called Majestic Vibes, and a latin american band called Los Diablos (in which another famous rock musician from Uppsala played).

Björn has been in a lot of local bands before and have been singing in pubs and bars and stuff like that!


3. Sweden seems to be full of new rock bands, what is SF opinion of the following?

A. Crash Diet  = Great band! The first record they released is a real milestone for the huge comeback of sleazerock!

B. Gemini Five = Heard too little to have any comments.

C. Hardcore Superstar = Great band! Great voice!

D. Vains of Jenna = Have only heard the song Enemy in me & that sounds good!

E. Babylon Bombs = Have listen to only two tracks of them. Sounded a little bit like Poison (at their Flesh n´blood era)! Great band!



4. What hard rock/heavy metal band should be dropped from their label so Stallion Four can take their place?

We don´t wan´t anyone to get dropped! If you got signed, then hopefully you deserve it! We just wanna do our thing!


5. Give us the craziest drunken sex filled broken down van and/or kicked out of your motel rock nite that SF experienced?

Many strange things have happened, need more pages to be able to write it down here!


6. The band is based  in Uppsaala Sweden, what are 3 good things and 3 bad things about your local music scene?

Bad = No rock clubs, no places to play live at (only alcohol free)!

Good = Many great bands and musicians came from Uppsala!


Looks like they photoshopped themselves into a KISS stage show pic & blurred it.


7. If Stallion Four could tour with any 3 bands from the 80s, who would it be and why?  

AC/DC, Guns n´roses and Lynyrd skynyrd! But this is from both the 70s and 80s!

We most say Motley crue to! The greatest bands of all time!


8. Name some of your favorite hard rock recordings?


AC/DC – Highway to hell, Ufo – Strangers in the night, Whitesnake – Slide it in, Guns n´roses – Appetite for destruction, Lynyrd skynyrd – Second helping, Motley crue – Dr Feelgood & Ozzy Ozbourne – Blizzard of ozz!



9. What is the largest and smallest crowd you’ve ever performed in front of with Stallion Four?


Between 50 and 400 (maybe 1000 at a festival).


10. Metal Sludge rate a band 1-10. Then tell us why they rule or suck!

Guns n’ Roses = 10, simply the best!

Avenged Sevenfold =Never heard of!

Slaughter = 5, only heard the song Up all night!

Hanoi Rocks = 7, founders of the sleaze scene togeather with The new york dolls!

Buckcherry = 7, have not listen to them that much, but sounds good!

Hope to see ya in August, in the summer of 2009 when we hopefully will head over to USA for a festival appearance! More info on our myspace site later!

Take care everybody! Cheers & rock on in 2009/Stallion four

Visit Stallion Four on myspace >HERE<

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