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10 Questions w/ Sex Department from Italy.

10 Questions w/ Sex Dept. from Italy.


Sex Department


Here we go kids. It’s time for some good old Italian Rock n’ Roll with Sex Department. These guys talk about twisted blow jobs, the mafia, swimming in the mud, drinking like filthy pigs and of course – Pretty Boy Floyd. Enjoy Sex Department and their 10 Questions.

1. Who is Sex Dept, what does the name mean, who’s in the band & what are the goals of the project?

S.e.x. Dept. is everyone who belives in R’n’R and wants to join up in the R’n’R Army to defend the right to play music and party, against a world full of sadness, Sir.

S.e.x. means ‘’Sexual Extreme eXperience’’. Ask why to women…

The most important goal for us is to get respect for music and R’n’R . Music and musicians now need help, the union of people makes the difference. Sir.


2. Sex Dept. has relocated to Hollywood. What made you decide to make the move to the states from Spaghetti land?

Cause down there, Sir, is the land of spaghetti not of  R’n’R…The music scene is tragic.


You are under arrest from the Sex Department


3. What hard rock/heavy metal band should be dropped from their label so Sex Dept. can take their place?

Every fuckin’ fake, Sir. Plug your fuckin’ jack cable  and play, sucker !!! Nothing else.

4. A lot of bands are coming out with a similar image, sleaze, rock, etc…from all over the planet. Who in your eyes is worth a mention?

Dirty Penny, Hardcore Superstar, Tattooed Millionaires…They motha f….n’ rock, Sir.



Sex Departments rookie squad salutes you

5. Tell us about the craziest drunken sex filled motel room rock nite that Sex Dept. ever experienced?

Sir, you wanna me to go to jail ? I can tell you only that the last time we was touring in UK, me and the corporal drummer pick up two hot chicks, looking pretty british, a little bit punk-rock and we keep on drinking like pigs in that filthy pub in London Camden. I was almost in my final stage at the bar when I see that fuckin’ slut making me a blow job with wank included in front of the full club, in an unbeliveble position dangerously twisted. In ten minutes we was out of the pub with Police asking us thousand bullshits that I don’t remember. Everything fine. It was the ‘’twisted blow job’’, beautyful, man…


6. The band is based  in Italy what are 3 good things and 3 bad things about your local music scene?

Unfortunately, Sir, three good things are too much. The only one good thing about italian music scene is that Italy is full of super musicians sadly swimming in the mud. The three bad things are: extreme corruption, extreme use of Internet and naturally, Mafia.



God damn they’re Glam.

7. If Sex. Dept.  could tour with any 3 bands from the 80s, who would it be and why?

I got some doubt but, Sir, I can answer L.A. Guns (P. Lewis) cause P. Lewis is the king of the sleazy R’n’R/Metal, Motley Crue cause they are ‘’the Party’’ and Scorpions cause they distroyed the Berlin’s Wall, Jeeesus !!!


8. Name some of your favorite hard rock recordings of all time?

Absolutely Sir : Leather Boyz with electric Toyz (Pretty Boy Floyd), L.A. Guns ( L.A. Guns), Too fast for love (Motley Crue), Look what the cat dragged in ( Poison),  Not a pretty sight ( Skin & Bones), Vicious Circle (L.A. Guns), Idios Amigos (Ramones), Faster Pussycat (Faster Pussycat)…Ciao.



Sex Department at Rocklahoma

9. What is the largest and smallest crowd you’ve ever performed in front of with Sex Dept.?

Yes Sir, the largest crowd was at Rocklahoma 2008 and the South Texas Rock Festival, I don’ remember how much people but, … a lot, buddy. The smallest was two young girls in a club in Praha (Czech Rep.).


10. Metal Sludge rate a band 1-10. Then tell us why they rule or suck!

8 catchy but not cheesy.

I don’t know them enough to make a comment. 

L.A. Guns:
10 the perfect R’n’R band.

Avenged Sevenfold:
I don’t listen to that kind of music, but it’s right that it exist.

Motley Crue:
9 Idon’t like at 100% the sound of distortion of the Mick Mars guitar.

Backyard Babies:
7 but it’s not my world.


11. Bonus Question…let loose and talk about any one, any thing, any band?

Sir, I wanna remember the first singer of Crash Diet suicided in a lake of paranoias. We luv ya dude !!! Never forget…


Look for Sex Department touring near you soon.


For more on Sex Dept. check them out on their official MySpace >HERE<

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