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10 Questions w/ The Cantina Flys from El Paso Texas

10 Questions w/ The Cantina Flys from El Paso Texas


The Cantina Flys = The Mexican LA Guns, and that ain’t racist. These guys are clearly

not Swedish, or Asian, but got some Mexican blood, and that’s all good.

Well folks it’s time for some rock n’ roll. Texas style. The Cantina Flys are from El Paso, or as they refer to it as Hell Paso. They share a common border with New Mexico and Mexico. So chances are they are hooked on drugs, deal drugs, drink alcohol, sell it or all of the above. Which is cool by us. Just don’t kill any kids – ok flys? Unless it’s the Jonas Brothers.

This band has rocked balls to the wall with anybody and everybody that’s ever come through Hell Paso Texas. Enjoy The Cantina Flys.

1. Who is The Cantina Flys, what’s up with the band, what are your goals?

Howdi…were a strait up Texas 70’s style rock band from the desert town we affectionately call Hell Paso. Our musica is drawn from a little Dusk Till Dawn, El Mariachi, Dos XX’s, Tequila, chasing chicks and chingon desmadres. We want to bring our 70’s style metal with a new twist to the scene and bring our music to the masses.  We’ll be putting out our 3rd offering mid Sept tentatively called STAR BANGLED DAREDEVIL. The goal is to jam where ever we can jam, get tanked up and bang broads. Oh yeah and what everyone else wants: a decent record deal with distribution and superior management. Check us out at www.cantinaflys.com and www.myspace.com/thecantinaflys         


2. Some of you guys have been in former bands, what have you done that the fans need to know about?

Myself, Ernie AK47, and my right hand man, Carlos, used to be in a band called AK47. We were a metal band trying to belt it out in a world of stupidity called the 90’s. We jammed with a lot of national acts even opening up for Slayer. The other fellas, Marcos on drums and Dave on the vox, are prominent musicians jamming in the local scene. We couldn’t get along with anyone else and put this band together.


TCF fucking ripping up Texas.

3. The Cantina Flys are based in El Paso Texas. What are the good, bad and ugly things about living there?

THE GOOD, we’ve toured extensively throughout Texas, the SW region of the US, into NORCAL. El Paso has absolutely THE hottest Latin Chica’s around as well as the best Mexican food ever.

THE BAD is that the local media absolutely despises anything rock or metal. The local media’s agenda pushes redundant ska, hippy, latin reggae bands. None of them can play or sing well and none of them can hold a note next to us. We will pummel them in a second and leave them gutted on the stage (metaphorically speaking of coarse).

THE UGLY is having to watch these latin reggae retards try to play. Their like a watered down version of the fools over at Gitmo. A bunch of Johnny Taliban look’n wannabes with faggoty Che revolutionary caps. Their more like Juanito Talibans. Fuck em’ they suck.   


4. What hard rock band should be dropped from their label so you can take their place?

We hear that something went down in the music scene recently. That dude with the fucked up face Michael Jackson is no longer on the labels/managements roster. He did have a little rock in his music and now that his gone, we’ll gladly step up to the plate and take his place. Only hot ass chics above 18 yrs are welcomed on our bed’s though.

CF w Chris Slade2.jpg

TCF & Chris Slade (former AC/DC drummer)


5. How has the following hurt or helped The Cantina Flys?

Local Strip Clubs = It’s our second home away from home. We walk in the joint and the staff knows to spin rock jams. We get a beer in one hand and a healthy stripper ass on the other.

The Internet = It’s helped get our word out, pick up gigs and chicks.

Guitar Center = It’s helped because it slayed the local expensive boutique music stores.

The Mexican Border = It F’n rocked before all the BS drug wars that’s going on down there. Mexican’s love their rock heavy and we love that too. Can’t wait for that shit to resolve itself so that we can get back there to jam.

K-Mart = Dude, when your in a pinch and need a new pair of chones…K-Mart always delivers so its only helped.


6. Of all the national bands The Cantina Flys have played with, who were the coolest to deal with and who were the biggest dicks of all?

We’ve been lucky to have jammed with many national acts. Often, we get calls from their management to be added to the bill.  The coolest, Man O Man, we’ve jammed with quite a few but we’ve developed strong friendships with Drowning Pool and Hugo of Tantric. They always ask for us to be on the bill when they come around the area and were always at the ready. We’re a pro band in every capacity and the nationals recognize that when were on the bill. We haven’t had a shitty experience with anyone.

CF w Joe Lynn Turner and OTR Band2.jpg

The Cantina Flys and Joe Lynn Turner


7.  If TCF could tour with any 3 bands from any decade, who would it be and why? (Pick 1 from the 70s, 1 from the 80s and 1 from the 90s)

Oh hell yeah, that’s easy. Deep Purple either MACH I OR II versions for the 70’s. DP doesn’t get a lot of credit for helping shape metal and kick start neo classical but anything they did during those versions was f’n killer. The mighty Judas Priest for the 80’s Defenders of the Faith version. We can remember being mesmerized by the Free Wheel Burning video as little metal Vatos. The only band to have saved the 90’s and our only choice is PANTERA. Oddly enough with all the venues, cities we’ve played and bands we’ve jammed, we never got to meet the mighty Dime Bag RIP.


Ernie AK47 - Hell Paso Legend


8. Tell us the 3 high points and the 3 low points of TCF career to date?

THIS is the highest point…MS’s 10 questions. What an honor!!

2nd is having been added to some mega bills namely Drowning Pool and Tantric playing in front of thousands.

3rd would be jamming with the Vatos that make up TCF.

1st low point would be having to deal with scum promoters or bar managers trying to dick us from the guarantee. We always get our money or their skin.

2nd low point would be having to deal with utter stupid nonsense like media that doesn’t know anything about rock or metal.

3rd would have to be trying to blaze a rock n roll path in a world that’s been sold out to a hip hop culture. We’re proud to carry the flag of R N R/Metal and will plant that flag in front of the biggest denier and take them down.


TCF just chillin’ gangsta Vato style in Sin City.


9. What is the largest and smallest crowd you’ve ever performed in front of with TCF?

Shit the largest was the weekend of 4th of July. We were on a festival bill with the Cult and Over the Rainbow. Jammed to about 6K people. The smallest was probably somewhere in the badlands of New Mexico. Just us, the bar staff and some character that looked like that spooky dude from the Hills Have Eyes.


10.  Metal Sludge rate a band 1-10. Then tell us why they rule or suck!

Avenged Sevenfold = We F’n love these dudes. Total 10

Poison = Not our cup o soup but totally respect their career. You can’t deny their success so I give them a solid 8.

Buckcherry = Again, another great hope that keeps rock alive. Total 10

Motley Crue = A pivotal and influential band for us. Total 10

Nickelback = we jammed with a Canadian band once. They told us that bands in Canada can get govt subsidies as part of a cultural thing. They said that Nickleback got the lions share of the what the govt gave out pissing off all the Canadian bands. We don’t own one album and don’t know a single song except for what gets played in the radio. Again, you can’t deny their success so I’ll give em a solid 7.

Guns n’ Roses = We freak’n love Chinese Democracy and everything else of coarse. Total 10 here.

CF w Jetbo2y.jpg

The Flys with Jetboy! Put ‘em together, and you get The Jet Flys!

11. Bonus Question. Talk some shit, get something off your chest, speak your mind – say what you want NOW?

We’ve tried to be as honest as we could on this forum because we believe the fans, as we are fans of music as well, respect that. We invite everyone to pay us a visit at www.cantinaflys.com and our myspace site at www.myspace.com/thecantinflys. Get us to you’re home town. We’ll come out and give you the biggest sound of rock ever.

Metal Sludge gives mad props to these guys. All are bad ass stand up rock dudes. We like to refer to them as the Mexican LA Guns. Imagine if Tracii Guns was named Ernie AK47 and then you throw in a killer rythm section named Carlos and  Marco. Now if they can get a Taco Bell sponsorship – they are fucking set.

Much love Flys from the Sludge. Check these guys out on their MySpace >HERE<

Metal Sludge

Sludge Flys

About Metal Sludge


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