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Jaime St. James ReWind with Metal Sludge

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1.It’s been a month shy of 10 years since we did our 20 Questions with you. What’s new with you, Black N’ Blue?

Yes it has and I’m not dead yet!   The new BNB CD is out may 17th!  It’s called “HELL YEAH” and it kicks ass. Out on Frontiers Records  and I wrote the song “HELL YEAH”  way before there was a band called hell yeah … so ’nuff said. I’m sick of that shit. Also I have a band called HardRock AllStars with Juan Croucier from RATT Pete Holmes, and John E. Love from Love/Hate…we play very cool cover tunes…………………

2.Your label Frontiers is based in Italy. They have new releases from many other 80s bands (Whitesnake, Warrant, White Lion). Any plans for a tour hook up with any label mates?

No plans for now… but I know this question is just a nice way of warming me up for the total bunch of horseshit that is about to happen! Lets get it on!!!

3.Labels, bands, promotion is all different. Even Zakk Wylde appeared on American Idol http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fpBDsE81LuA  What are your thoughts about the state of the music industry today for rock music?

It sucks…Radio SUCKS… I plug in my I-pod and listen to great shit in my Hummer….

.”go to hell radio”!   Labels seem to be in trouble…with the exception of some of the indie’s, and our label Frontiers Records who seem to be getting bigger all the time, so at least we are in good shape!

4.You’ve been in Hollywood/Los Angeles for 30+ years. What’s the good and the bad, that the scene and city have to offer?

I hate the fact that crap ass tribute bands rule the club scene and “pay to play” bands have killed The Whisky….it is a horrible thing and there are no cool roots of “metal” or “Rock”  growing anymore. I was there in the best time that the L.A. strip had to offer…I was signed right after Quiet Riot and Motley….Ratt was next…We were creative and wrote cool tunes…a few bands like Vains Of Jenna (I’m not kissing anyone’s ass here, I like ‘em)are holding down the fort but it’s almost dead right now……sad




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