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Tracii Guns body guard/road manager confronts tagger!

Tracii Guns body guard/road manager confronts tagger!


What a week it’s been for Tracii Guns of LA GUNS


Breaking News: LA GUNS drama in NoLa!

Shocking Video. Warning, viewer discretion is advised!

Update: It appears that the video was removed from Facebook, but part of the beating has made its way onto YouTube. & thewhole thing is here  YouTube

Tracii Guns body guard/road manager, allegedly beats down opening band for allegedly tagging the LA GUNS trailer.

There is a video posting on Facebook >HERE< from a show in New Orleans on Dec. 14th 2011. This clip shows the events on a security camera. It appears to be the LA GUNS road manager (Paul Markham), who is also Tracii Guns body guard. In this video – Paul confronts and then punches 2 guys out cold to the point they both fall to the ground.

The story is, that these guys were in the opening band – and allegedly tagged (with spray paint) the LA GUNS tour trailer. Unfortunate for them, Paul (according to sources, is a body builder, at 6’3″ 235lbs) walked up and caught them in the act. 

Tracii himself has posted this on his official Facebook page.


Tracii Guns facebook page and his video link of the brutal beating caught on tape.


Paul confronts suspect #1, his hands are at his sides. Paul punches him.


Guy #1 falls to the ground, while he lays there, Paul walks away.

People in the street look on in awe, not sure what to do.


Guy #1 lays motionless on street as Paul walks towards suspect #2.


Paul now confronts suspect #2. Paul punches him in the face.

A bystander walks up, but seems frightened and moves away quickly.


Suspect #2 does not fall after the 1st punch, so Paul punches him a 2nd time.

Paul finishes the punch, suspect #2 falls behind the van out of view.

Paul walks away.

The video is being shared with multiple accounts online. 

Tracii Guns himself writes:

These two guys thought it would be fun to tag our trailer. OOPS! I guess not part 1

By: Tracii Guns

To see the video, click HERE Warning! This is VERY graphic in nature.

Update: It appears that the video was removed from Facebook, but part of the beating has made its way onto YouTube.& thewhole thing is here  YouTube

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