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CLASSIC SLUDGE Lemmy Kilmister 20 Questions from March 20th 2001, “WASP” were the biggest dicks to tour with said Lemmy



Lemmy Kilmister 20 Questions from March 20th 2001


* The following interview is from March 2001.

Motorhead’s Lemmy

Do we really need to introduce this guy? Didn’t think so.

We got hooked up with Lemmy from Libby at Metal Masters, who knowns somebody at Lemmy’s record label. So we sent the questions to Libby, she sent them to her contact, and then the questions ended up in Lemmy’s hands. He actually hand wrote the answers to these questions and then sent the questions in!

This interview is pretty much exactly what we were expecting. Enjoy!


1. What are you currently up to? This is your only chance to plug your shit.

Lemmy Kilmister: Just made a track with Ace of Skunk Anansie for his forthcoming solo album.

LK_Jan_12_2016_12. Lets get this right out of the way. Do you have any idea what’s growing on your face and why haven’t you done something about it?

LK: They are both moles and cos I don’t give a fuck. After all, You’re lookin’ at ’em and I’m not short of birds !

3. Name your influnces from your youth and which bands have had an impact on you and Motorhead over the years?

LK: Little Richard / Beatles / Elvis / Stones / Hendrix / The Who / Damned / ZZ Top / Pistols / Nirvana / Rx the medics !

4.What rock star deserves a smack in the face and why?

LK: Most of ’em – cos they’re cunts.

5. Rate the following singers. 1 being someone who sounds like they have a dirty sock in their mouth and 10 being one of the three tenors. 
LemmyOzzy_Dec_2013_1James Hetfield = 7
Bret Michaels = 4
Phil Anselmo = 2
Vince Neil = 3
Sebastian Bach =
Jani Lane = 6
Peter Steele = 5
Geoff Tate = 10
Bruce Dickinson = 8
Kid Rock = 1
Ozzy Osbourne = 9

6. Name your best and worst 3 memories of Motorhead?

LK: God, I dunno ! In at #1, Grammy nomination, Kerrang prize. Philthy leaving the ??? we were auditioning Phil and Wurzel. The last letter Wurzel wrote to me. Having the cancel this last tour.

KKK_lemmy47. What was your biggest musical related check for? As in dollar amounts, not pounds.

LK: Mind YR own business.

8. After 20 plus years of touring which band or bands were the biggest dicks to tour with?


9. Motorhead has influenced everybody from Metallica to Pantera and numerous other platinum plus selling groups. Do you ever feel slighted that your band has not had more sales over the years?

LK: No. Good luck.

10. Which do you prefer and why: 
Iron Maiden or Judas Priest = Iron Maiden WHY = Cos they’re faster.
Winger or Warrant = Warrant WHY = Cos they play the blues well.
Drinking or Smoking = 50/50 WHY = Cos I like ’em.
Moles or Warts = Moles WHY = Cos I don?t have any warts.
MTV or VH1 = VH1 WHY = They may sometimes play our stuff, but MTV owns it anyway.
Geddy Lee or Tommy Lee = Tommy Lee WHY = Cos he doesn’t sing.
The United Kingdom or The United States = WHY = Depends what we?re talking about.
Glam rock or Grunge rock = Glam rock WHY = Birds look tastier.
Stryper or King Diamond = King Diamond WHY = Cos he doesn’t throw Bibles at me.
Hitler or Musolini = Hitler WHY = Read your history.

LK_Rainbow_Jan_12_2016_7Lemmy outside his second home


11. Approximately how many hours a week do you spend at The Rainbow and do you pay them rent?

LK: 5-6 hrs. No.

12. What hard rock/heavy metal band should give it up and call it a day?

LK: Nobody, if you still wanna do it, do it !

LK_Jan_12_2016_3Lemmy surrounded by hot sexy blond birds


13. Have you ever banged a Playboy Playmate, Penthouse Pet, or a Porn Star, and if so, was she blind?

LK: Yes, all 3. No, are you?

14. This might take some thought, but what’s your best Ozzy touring story?

LK: Finding him fast asleep on his face, pants down, bum up in the air. We rescued him.

LK_Metallica_Jan_12_2016_6Lemmy jams with Metallica


15. What is your take on Metallica suing Napster?

LK: Good. Everybody should – theft is theft.

16. What is the real deal behind Philthy Animal’s departure from Motorhead in 1992 and what did he do to you that was so unforgivable?

LK: Mind your own business.

17. Do you own more than that one jean jacket and that one pair of white shoes you always wear?

LK: I don?t (hardly ever) wear a jean jacket all the time, and are you running out of brain cells?

LK_Triple_H_Jan_12_2016_4Triple H and Lemmy at where else, the “Rainbow Bar & Grill”


18. How did you hook up with the WWF and end up doing the theme for Triple H?

LK: They offered us money

19. Give us your take on the band KISS?

LK: Never appealed to me, but millions can’t be wrong.

20. Why do you get angry when people say their favorite Motorhead songs are “Ace of Spades” or “Overkill” instead of anything off your new album?

LK: Well now, there’s a stupid fucking question.

21. A while back you had to cancel some shows due to health reasons. Do you think that had anything to do with drinking and smoking constantly for the last 30 years?

LK: Yes, 40 yrs actually.

22. Why have you released a “Greatest Hits” or “Best of” package after each of your last three new studio releases?

LK: We haven’t. Castle records have, we have no control. Read your labels.

23. Would you say it’s accurate to compare your voice to the sound of rocks in a blender on high speed?

LK: No.

24. Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association. We mention a name and you give us your thoughts. 
LK_Sixx_Jan_12_2016_5Sharon Osbourne = Old Friend
Ozzy Osbourne = The same
Lars Ulrich = The Bopper
Nikki Sixx = Strong
Ted Nugent = Bow & arrow
David Lee Roth = Good man to go drinking with
Limp Bizkit = Not for me, thanks
Poison = The best at what they do
The Rainbow = A big Hello + a million good times
Howard Stern = Who Cares?
Blackie Lawless = Who Cares?


Lemmy’s pretty much a no bullshit type of guy. He doesn’t really beat around the bush and isn’t afraid to slap us around a bit. That’s cool, we can hang. Plus he used the word cunt, and that word doesn’t get used nearly enough.

For more info on Motorhead, you can go to their site at




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