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20 Questions

Metal Sludge’s famous 20 Questions!

20 Questions with Ethan Collins, 4/19/05

  20 QUESTIONS WITHex-WHITE TRASH guitarist ETHAN COLLINS! Everybody remembers the band White Trash! Well, maybe not everybody, but a lot of people do. Alright, maybe that’s even stretching it a little bit, but there has to be *somebody* out ...

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20 Questions with Acey Slade, 8/31/04


  20 Questions with…Murderdolls guitarist ACEY SLADE! Who the fuck is Acey Slade? Well, he’s this guitar guy who used to play in Dope but now plays in Murderdolls, as well as doing vocals and guitar duties with his own ...

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20 Questions with Jeff LaBar, 6/29/04


   20 QUESTIONS WITH… Cinderella’s Guitarist Jeff LaBar   Jeff LaBar emailed us last week and wrote, “Hey guys, This is Jeff LaBar from Cinderella. I have a new band with Eric Brittingham called Naked Beggars. I was wondering if ...

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