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20 Questions With Jenna Jameson, 8/29/00



  Jenna Jameson!
Porn Superstar Jenna Jameson

Being that this is our 2nd Anniversary Week, we thought we’d do something special and bring the Sludgeaholics 20 Questions with porn’s biggest star!  None other than Jenna Jameson!!  Jenna not only answered all our questions, but she sent us a shit load of pictures, some of which we will include here.  The rest of the photos she sent will be definitely be used… but for more private matters, which is none of your business!  So enough bullshit, here’s 24 Questions with Jenna!

1.  What are you currently up to?  This is your only chance to plug your

shit – I am busting my little ass trying to get my new website, clubjenna.com finished. My new movie Dreamquest was just released last week.


2.  What hard rock / heavy metal band should give it up and call it a day? 
I just wish Lars would stop whining

3.  What’s the most amount of money you made in one week stripping?
$53,000, yes, it sounds like a lot But, I did a lot of ass-shaking and polaroids for that!!!

4.  If you are dating somebody, what?s the longest amount of time you?ve made a guy wait before fucking him? 
About a week, I?m the one that usually has trouble waiting!  

5.  Please rate these porn stars, rock stars wives, models, actresses, etc….on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being a pig and 10 being a hottie.  

Kendra Jade = 8
Janine = 9  

Britney Spears = 8

Traci Lords = 1

Jasmin St. Claire = 5

Pamela Anderson = 10

Heather Locklear = 9

Houston = 5

Donna D?Errico = 10

Nikki Tyler = 10

Zoe = 3
Asia Carrera = 3  
Robin Quivers = 3

6.  2 Part Question: Have you ever pee?d on a guy before and have you ever pee?d in the shower?
I pee in the shower every time. The warm water just gets me. I?ve peed ON a guy, and IN a guys mouth. Same go for girls I love it. You just have to drink a lot of water so it tastes good.

7.  Which do you prefer:
Eating pussy or sucking cock = sucking cock

Stripping or doing porno’s = stripping

Godsmack or Alice In Chains = Godsmack- by far!

Shaved pussy or Hairy beavers = shaved (of course)

Titty fucking or hand jobs = hand jobs – with butter

Limp Bizkit or Kid Rock = Even

Vibrators or butt plugs = vibrators

Luke Ford or Howard Stern = Howard Stern

Vivid or Wicked Pictures = Wicked – but I like Vivid more and more these days

Tampons or Maxi pads = tampons

Jenny McCarthy or Carmen Electra = Jenny – she was nicer to me!

Janine or Jenteal = They’re both awesome

Chasey Lain or Jani Lane = Chasey ? only by a small percentage    

8. What is your opinion of Jasmin St. Claire?
Her cheese has slid off her cracker

9.  Was there any rockstar or celebrity you really wanted to meet, you did you found out that the person was a total dick? 
Marilyn Manson acted like he was in love with me, and then wrote in his book how I was falling all over him. Now does that sound true? Yeah right!

10.  Rate the following guys on a scale of 1 to 10.  1 being somebody who you’d never fuck, and 10 being a total hottie.
Tommy Lee = no comment
Ron Jeremy = 1
Fred Durst = 6
Marilyn Manson = no comment
Howard Stern = 5
Kid Rock = 2
Bret Michaels = 7
Sebastian Bach = 9
Vince Neil = 3
Carson Daly = 7
Jon Bon Jovi = 4
The Rock = 8

11.   2 Part Question:  What porn star and what rock star deserves a smack in the mouth?
I think most porn stars need a smack in the mouth, because they act like my friend, then talk smack? Bloodhound gang? Total sellouts!

12.  Why do you call the Bloodhound Gang sellouts?
Well, first of all, I’ve never met them. But, I’m very good friends with Wolfpac, who used to be in the Bloodhound Gang. Let’s just say I’ve heard a lot of irritating stories from my friends. But, on the other hand… They’ve done nothing to me, other than not dedicating a song to me.  

13.  Approximately how many different cocks have you sucked?
A.  Between 61 – 70
B.  Between 71 – 80
C.  Between 81 – 90
D.  Between 91 – 100
E.  Between 101 – 125
F.  Between 126 – 150
G. Over 151 cocks!
What a stupid fuckin question? Your gonna suck mine if you keep askin those kinda questions!  

14. When you are giving a lap dance to a fat, smelly guy who is totally repulsive, what is going through your mind at the time?
Please let this song end?.

15.  Which of the following guys have you had sexual relations with, meaning a blow job, kissing, anal sex, etc?  Either answer yes or no, and if you answer yes, please rate the person performance on a scale of 1 to 10.  1 being a dead fuck and 10 being the bomb.
Tommy Lee = yes 8

Marilyn Manson = yes 5

Howard Stern = no

David Lee Roth = no

Gene Simmons = no  

Bret Michaels = no

Eminem = no

Leonardo DiCaprio = no

Mark McGrath  = no

Fred Durst = no

Kid Rock = no

Anybody from Warrant = no

Scott Baio = no

Pauly Shore = no

Slash = no

16.  2 Part Question:   Would you let a guy go down on you during your period and have you ever gone down on a chick during her period?
Yes and yes?  

17.  Why did you get work done on your face when you are only in your 20s?  
It was something that had bothered me for a while, so I thought- what the hell!
Were you that insecure that you thought you needed to improve your looks? 

It has nothing to do with insecurity, in my business, looks really matter. So I just improved on something that was already great!

18.  You travel the country quite a bit.  Tell us some memories you have of the following cities:
Boston = Lots of great clubs, so much partying!

Chicago = Hate it, got fired for spreading my legs

Reading, PA. = crazy fans!

Tampa = girls are hardcore

Los Angeles = traffic  

Detroit = never been

Phoenix = I love it, I live here

Dallas = fun, beautiful girls

Miami = I have a home there, I get in trouble when I?m there.

Atlanta = never been

New York = Shopping

Las Vegas = born there! Great teenage memories.

19.  What?s the most fucked up thing you?ve ever seen at a strip club?
Endless things. I hate seeing fat ugly chicks dancing.

20.  Which of the following substances have you tried before:
Pot = yes

Tylenol = yes

Extasy = yes

Acid = yes

Vicodin = yes

Cocaine = yes

Speed = yes

Cat tranquilizers = no

Heroin = no

Mushrooms = yes    

21.  Do you really think you have any acting or singing talent?
I can act can?t sing worth a shit.


22.  How many months do you give your marriage before it falls apart:
A:   2 months
B:   3 months
C:   6 months 
D:   1 year
E:   2 years    
Fuck off!


23. You have a reputation for being difficult and canceling appearances. What?s the basic reason for that? 
You need to stop listening to all the gossip? Everyone gets tired sometime.

24.  Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association.  We mention a name and you give us your thoughts.
Howard Stern = friend
Kendra Jade = don’t know her very well, but she seems cool.
Jasmin St. Claire = crazy
Luke Ford = cool
Poison = bad
Nikki Tyler = homeslice
Pamela Anderson = emergency meatloaf
Savannah = druggy
Kiss = old
Yeast infections = yuck

Thanks to Jenna for being down with Metal Sludge!

For more info on Jenna, you can check out her brand new site at www.clubjenna.com!

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