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20 Questions with Samantha Maloney, 6/25/02



Hole / Motley Crue Drummer Samantha Maloney

Chicks who beat things will sticks are cool! We’ve wanted to do 20 Questions with Samantha for a while and we finally tracked her down and got her to do it. For those of you who aren’t aware, she was the drummer for Courtney Love’s band Hole and for Motley Crue during their Maximum Rock Tour in the Summer of 2000.

There have been a few rumors going around about Samantha, so we were sure to ask her about that and plus our typical 5th grade questions. Enjoy!


1. What are you up to?

A little bit of this and A LOT of that….

2. For all fans that aren?t aware, please tell us how you got your start drumming and ended up in Hole.

I started my indy rock band Shift while I was attending “Fame” High School in NYC… After 6 years of Shift I transferred my indy rock credits over to the alt rock school of Hole in which I majored in Rock and Roll Excessiveness with a minor in Psychoanalytical Dramatic Arts.

3. Any plans on playing with Courtney in any of her projects?

Definetly Maybe

4. What hard rock/heavy metal band should give it up and call it a day?

There are many answers to that question.

5. Rate the following drummers on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being somebody who couldn?t keep time with a watch and 10 being a drum god!

Steven Adler = 8 he gets extra points just for being so damn cute back in the day

Tommy Lee =10 he’s got the looks that kill AND had a rolling drum cage

Rikki Rockett =7 he always has cool drums

Bobby Blotzer = 7 round and round forever

Lars Ulrich = 7 harvester of sorrow

Travis Barker = 10 tattoos, looks, and fine tuned rudiments

Dave Grohl =10 come as you are hot stuff

Matt Sorum = 10 Hot november rain

Neil Peart = 10 2 words … Tom Saywer

Carmine Appice = 10 If ya want my body, and you think I’m sexy… come on Carmine let me know

6. Being a chick in a male dominated industry, how much shit have you had to put up with? Give us a few quick examples.

Pride, ENVY, Anger, Sloth, Greed, Gluttony, and LUST are just a few ..

7. Give us a touring memory of the following cities and what band it was with:

Tampa = xxx strip clubs til 10 am

Chicago = Shopping at Barneys

Atlanta =xxx strip clubs til 9 am

New York = home sweet home

Phoenix = too hot in the hot tub

Las Vegas =No comment. I believe the saying is “what goes on the road stays on the road.”

Minneapolis = Purple Rain

Seattle = Smells like Teen Stalkers

Tokyo = Fantasy Island

Boston = Celtic Frost

Samantha with a fan

8. How would you describe your relationship with Motley Crue right now?

I haven’t seen the boys in a while.

9. If you had to pick one of the following, what would you choose:

A: Have you anal glands squeezed by a competent veterinarian, causing immediate full release.

B: Lose a fingernail by closing a car door on it.

C: Write to your parents confessing the truth about the most offensive sexual act you?ve ever engaged in.

I could eat a box of Alphabits and crap out a better question…

10. Rate the following dudes on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being a scrub and 10 being a hottie:

Mick Mars = 10 plus

Bret Michaels = 7.87 (I don’t need nothing but a good time)

Sebastian Bach = 6.86 in 1989.. Youth gone away in 2002

Paul Gargano = ? who is this

Chris Jericho =? who is that

Scott Ian =10 / State of Euphoria

Fred Durst = No nookie for me , thank you.

Kid Rock = A total Bullgod

Gene Simmons =I’d rather KISS Paul Stanley

Jani Lane =He’s not getting my my cherry pie

Carson Daly = 8.34 /Totally requested

Nikki Sixx = .666

11. Hypothetical question:

If a month before your wedding your wealthy fianc? suggested drawing up a prenuptial agreement specifying the financial terms of any divorce, how would you react?

If my future ex husband doesn’t want a piece of my millions, that’s his choice.

12. What rock star deserves a smack in the mouth and why?

Brandon Boyd deserves a smack of my lips.

13. Last of Samantha Maloney:

Last time you talked to Courtney Love = a few weeks ago

Last movie you saw =Vince Neil porno

Last band you played with =The Chelsea (Myself/Paz Lechantin/ Melissa Auf du Maur/ Radio Sloan)

Last rock star you took a photo with = Randy Castillo (RIP.. We miss you!)

Last book you read = Illusions by Richard Bach

Last drummer you talked shop with = Dave Grohl

Last time you saw Metal Shop = 2 weeks ago

Last time you masturbated = Last time I saw Whitesnake’s Still of the Night video

Last CD you purchased = Whitesnake’s Whitesnake

Last lie you told =Last time I told you I masturbated

14. How many times did Vince Neil walk into your dressing room drunk and try to hit on you?

Oh come on now.. he would never!!.. wait,.. hold on .. he’s knocking on my door right now.

15. On a scale of 1 to 10, rate the following 80s bands on how much you?d be into playing with them. 1 being no chance in hell and 10 being yes.

Warrant = 1

L.A. Guns = 2

BulletBoys = 3

Skid Row = 4

Tesla = 5

Poison = 6

Dokken = 7Cinderella = 8

Def Leppard = 9

Ratt = 10

16. Who sang out of key more, Courtney Love or Vince Neil?

What “key” are we talking about here?

17. Yes or no, has Samantha Maloney ever:

Wished for drumming lessons from Rikki Rockett =no

Had a yeast infection = no

Touched Courtney Love?s breasts = yes

Had sex on the first date = I have sex Only on the first date

Given your drum roadie a hand job during the guitar solo = not yet

Kissed another girl =yes

Shown your tits for Mardi Gras beads = no

Shoplifted = no

Thought about posing for Playboy = I am not a whore.

Wished you never agreed to answer our questions = yes

18. True or false, did you have sex with Nikki Sixx, and if so, how do you feel about that today?

Ha!! Now that is funny… I thought rumour had it I was having “sexual relations” with Mick Mars?

19. If you ran into Donna D?Errico on Melrose, what would you say?

? Who is Donna D’errico?

20. Time for Metal Sludge?s Word Association. We mention a name and you give us your thoughts:

Fred Durst = No thoughts

Foo Fighters = dave and taylor… tag team cuties

Kid Rock = Has the coolest drummer in town.. Stefanie Eulinberg

Pamela Anderson = V.I.P.

Vince Neil = I think of some fun times

Mick Mars = He taught me home sweet home on guitar!

Creed = They don’t bother me.

Dave Mustaine = he bothers me

Howard Stern = a pussycat

Courtney Love = Courtney Love

Very interesting. In other words, don’t expect Samantha and Donna to be meeting for lunch anytime soon!

Thanks to Samantha for having fun with the questions and for more info on her, you can go to her website at www.SamanthaMaloney.com. It has a lot of photos, videos, and MP3’s.


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