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Tracii Guns speaks out about joining Quiet Riot.

Tracii Guns speaks out about joining Quiet Riot.


This guy went to college?

Tracii Guns speaks out about Brides of Destruction, Quiet Riot, and that he went to college? Huh? Wtf? Dude, you just ruined it for a bunch of us. Please tell us you dropped out. There has to be a cool ending to this. What next? Nikki Sixx admitting he use to be a paralegal during the early days of Motley?


I just got back from Europe with the BRIDES. This was by far the most fun i have ever had in Europe. We traveled by van and I was able to finally see everything I possibly could on our own clock.ITALY was just unreal.

Now for the burning question.

Yes, I am joining Quiet Riot for all of 2006. We are going to record a record and support it by touring the world.How did this end up happening you may ask? Well,, Its very simple really.

Randy Rhoads started QR with kevin Dubrow. I never had the pleasure of meeting Randy but, I did meet Kevin when I was 14 years old at Freedom Guitar in Hollywood and that was the first time I have ever been star struck in my life. Quiet Riot was the big fish at that time in Los Angeles.

When i was 17 and going too college Quiet Riot came out with "The Huge Record" and thats all i listened too until Motleys Shout came out.All of the guys in Quiet Riot ,Kevin,Frankie,Carlos and Rudy have always known of my love of their band so, at this time Frankie and Kevin took a stab and asked me if I would like to Join the band. I didnt even have to think about. I commited at least one year of my time to Quiet Riot and possibly more in the future.

What is going to happen to the BRIDES?

Right now, the future of the BRIDES is not clear. We have not broken the band up but, We also will not be working or playing in 2006. The Brides is constantly a work in progress and I would feel alot better about the Band if Nikki were to return but, I dont think thats going to happen anytime soon so, for now it is what it is.The Brides have the most loyal fans a band could ever want even without Nikki and all of us do not take them for granted and as soon as it is possible to give more back to the fans, I KNOW WE WILL.

Love, Tracii

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