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LA Guns new bassist Eric Grossman checks in with Sludge!

LA Guns new bassist Eric Grossman checks in with Sludge!


Eric “GUNS” Grossman new bassist in LA GUNS

It’s been a whirlwind of a week or two in Tracii’s LA GUNS camp.

Dilana in, Jizzy Pearl out. Then a new bassist Eric inand Jeremy out.

Tracii Guns the founding member of the band – that includes his mighty last name has once again accepted the challenge. The challenge that is to accept a few new faces into the bands never ending line up. So when Eric Grossman reached out to us, we jumped at the chance to be the first to find out what makes him tick. We had a little chat with Eric today, and here is what he had to say.

1. Who is Eric Grossman? Who have you played with & what’s your music background?

Well, I came up during the height of the 80’s Sunset Strip scene. I was in a band called Rokway.  I was also in a band called Iannello, which was a Rock/Funk thing, and also a band with Doug Starr, called The Vultures.  From then until now, I’ve played with tons of people, including K’s Choice.  We sold 5 million records worldwide before taking a hiatus earlier this year.

I’ve been Dilana’s bass player for the last six months, which is great.  The girl seriously rocks.

 2. You had some early career success with “K’s Choice” – a band from Belgium. How did you go from Van Nuys to Belgium to land that gig?

Well, we had some success in The States in the late 90’s, but we’ve actually been doing great for the last 15 years, touring all over the world, and headlining some of the biggest festivals in Europe, as well as our own headlining tours.

That gig came about through a mutual friend, who was Alanis Morissette’s guitarist.  He recommended me when they needed a bass player, and it worked out.  It’s been an incredible experience,that has taught me a lot, and made me a much better player and performer.

3. Tell us how you ended up in LA GUNS? Fans are intrigued, shocked & verything in between with a chick singer. But it sounds like you were with Dilana before. How will she pull this off?

Tracii called me to give him the Dilana hook-up after Jizzy left.  When Jeremy left, I was the obvious call, so here I am. 

I know it’s hard to imagine this thing with a girl singer, but it is what it is.  In my opinion, it’s kudos to Tracii for not being hung up on what’s worked in the past, and taking a chance.  Dilana’s an unbelievable front person.  She’s the real deal.  We certainly may lose some of the LAG purists, but D has her own following, and when we leave The States, so do I.  Assuming this all works out long term, we’ll be fine.  My apologies to the haters.

I guess she, and I to a lesser degree, will be under the microscope, but if people are interested in what is truly good, and not hung up on the past, then they’ll probably dig it.

Put it this way.  If you had no history with LAG, and you were just seeing a band, this one would be a killin’ band to see.  That’s what it really boils down to for me.


Tracii Guns, Dilana, Eric Grossman & drummer Chris Moore.


4. Sadly, you’re ONLY the bassist in LA GUNS, LOL. But crazy as it seems, you are lucky #13. That seems almost impossible, but it’s true – you are the 13th bass player over time. So you won’t get all the accolades that the singer or lead guitarist get, you cool with that?

Well, I’ve been a bass player for a long time.  I know what my job is, and I know what to expect.  The “accolades” are not the thing for me.  I get enough recognition from my audiences to satisfy my ego. I’m cool with the anonymity that my position brings.

It’s funny that I have so many predecessors.  I was the 11th K’s Choice bass player, and I’ve held that position for 15 years.  If it’s meant to be, then it shall be.  Look man, I love being a bass player.  I wouldn’t rather do anything else.  It brings me total happiness.

5. How do you start the first 2 hours of everyday?

If I’m home, I make my kids breakfast, take them to school, and come home and work out.  That’s the first two hours of most days for me.

If I’m on the road, it’s totally unpredictable.

6. Rate a bassist 1-10. A 1 being someone who ain’t so good, and a 10 being a bass God!

Billy Sheenan = 10

Nikki Sixx = 5

Kelly Nickels = never seen him play

Gene Simmons = 6

Scott Griffin = never seen him play


Eric live with “K’s Choice” playing to a sold out arena.

7. What are the 3 high points and 3 low points of your music career to date?

The high points, if I can only name 3, are probably my first major US tour, my first tour in Israel, and my 2010 Euro tour with K’s Choice.  There are so many highlights, though.

The low points are thankfully few and far between.  The one that stands out was when my band Iannello broke up, in the middle of recording our debut album.  It never got completed, and I quit playing for about a year.  At the end of that year, however, I got the call for K’s Choice.  It was really blessing in the end.


8. Are Sarah & Gert the new Dilana & Tracii for you? How are they alike or different thus far?

They’re totally different.  I don’t have enough history with D, and Tracii, to make that analysis yet.  S&G are my bosses when I’m with K’s, and we’ve become like family over the years.

I don’t really know what the working dynamic is going to be like with LA Guns, yet.

9.  How often do “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” fans recognize you and ask for an autograph?

It’s rare.  Remember?  Bass player?


Dilana & Eric – coming to your city soon on tour with Tracii’s LA GUNS


10. Word Association: We mention a name, give us your quick thoughts on….

Dilana = She’s a firecracker.  Unpredictable and dynamic as hell.  I love her.  She’s a great new friend in my life.  I really respect her journey.

Sarah Bettens = One of my very closest friends, and a brilliant songwriter and singer.  She’s like the girl next door with an edge.  Everyone loves her, myself included.  We’re extremely close.  Her frienship means the world to me.

Tracii Guns = I’ve known him for a very short time, but I like him.  Otherwise, I wouldn’t do this.  He can definitely play too.  I can’t wait to hit the road with him.

Gert Bettens = He’s a genius.  He’s an unbelievable songwriter, and he and his sister are the best harmonizing duo I’ve heard in a very long time.  He’s a very gentle and soft spoken guy.  Extremely kind.  As I said before, we’re like family.

Barack Obama = We work with tools we’re given.  I wouldn’t want his job.  I really believe he wants to do good for our country, but I don’t think it’s possible under the current political system.  Special interest and bi-partisanism are killing him.



Eric on bass with “K’s Choice”


11. Tell us how your Facebook, Twitter or Internet changed your music career since the 80s?

Obviously these things have made the World much smaller.  Distance and geography are almost a non-issue any more.  This being the case, we aren’t as limited in our abilities to take advantage of opportunities as we once were. Most of the great things I’ve been able to do in my career, would not have been feasible in the pre-internet world, including this interview. 

Thanks Sludge.

We’d like to thank Eric for his contributions. Good luck with the new gig.

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