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LOVE GUN … Ace Frehley talks about Rock Groupies: “I remember when AIDS kicked in, in the 80’s it really didn’t help the situation.”

Ace Frehley live in St. Charles Illinois at Arcada Theatre

“I feel sorry for yous 25, 30 year old rock-stars who are going, where are all the groupies that used to be around in the 70’s.” Ace Frehley

Metal Sludge — Former Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley is always interesting when he opens his mouth, and earlier in the week it was no different.

Frehley was playing a concert at the Arcada Theatre in St. Charles Illinois and commented about the song “Parasite” after his solo band finished performing it. (watch video embedded below)

“That’s actually about a groupie from the 70’s” said Frehley.

There isn’t that many groupies out there anymore, what’s that all about?” questioned Frehley looking out at the crowd of mostly men over 50 who were laughing out-loud.

“I mean I don’t care, I’m engaged” said Frehley and then added: “I feel sorry for yous 25, 30 year old rock-stars who are going, where are all the groupies that used to be around in the 70’s?”

A fan then yells out; “STD’s.”

Ace giggling tells the crowd: “Yeah, I remember when AIDS kicked in in the 80’s, it really didn’t help the situation.”

The crowd laughed some more… and the band kicked into “Love Gun” with drummer Scot Coogan on lead vocals.

Just as the band ends, Ace tells the crowd: “I think Scoty sings better than the tapes Kiss uses.”

We have to give it up, Coogan can sing his ass off… kudos to Scoty!

To hear the above comments from Ace, go to the 19 minute mark of the live video below.

In related news, Ace Frehely‘s current tour manager Johnny ‘O’ was recently arrested and jailed after the band’s show on June 30th in Kokomo Indiana.

To read about that, check out our recent articles: SHOCK ME … Ace Frehley’s manager Johnny ‘O’ arrested for ‘Disorderly Conduct’, ‘Alcohol Public Intoxication’, ‘Intimidation’ and ‘Resisting Arrest’” and our follow-up piece: “COPS SAY … Local Police allege Ace Frehley’s tour manager Johnny ‘O’ made Death Threat against Indiana Festival Chairman: “One Day I’m Going to Come Back Here, and You’re Dead.

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Hear Ace talk about Groupies at the 20 minute mark.



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