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Sludge Scan For December 1999


As Of December 10, 1999

Anthrax “Return Of The Killer A’s” 4,424
Sebitchian Bach  “Bring ‘Em Bach Alive” 2,785
Blackfoot “Rattlesnake Rock N’Roll: Best Of” 56,366
Guns N’ Roses “Live Era ’87 -’93” 60,814
Manowar “Triumph Of Steel” 87,580
Manowar “Louder Than Hell” 34,734
Manowar “Hell On Stage Live” 10,423
Brian May “Back To The Light” 74,710
Brian May “Another World” 14,947
Metal Church “Masterpeace” 6,636
Metallica  “S & M” 471,126
Motley Crue  “Entertainment or Death” 28,504
Nuno “Shitzo-phonic” 27,544
Primal Fear “s/t” 2,238
Primal Fear “Jaws Of Death” 1,761
Testament “Live At The Fillmore” 32,592
Slaughter  “Back To Reality” 16,307
Various Artists “Monster Ballads” 709,505
Weird Al Yankovic “Running With Scissors” 648,913

Slaughter sold 3,367 albums it’s first week, which is more records than Sebastian Bach has sold in 5 weeks.  Maybe he should tour with Slaughter & Poison, he’d sell more records.

Sebastian’s numbers are

1st Week:  789

2nd Week: 558

3rd Week: 568

4th Week: 417

5th Week: 430

Slaughter sold 150 albums last week.  Who are these people??

Motley’s first week total was 17,217 which put them at #133 on the Billboard Charts.  Last week they sold 11,133 and dropped down to #181.

Guns N’ Roses sold 60,814 it’s first week and debuted on the charts at #45.

Metallica’s first week sales were 300,906 and had them debut at #2 on the Billboard Charts.  588 copies of the album were sold before the street date.  Last week they sold 170,260 and dropped down to #11.

Numbers for Tommy Lee’s Methods Of Mayhem will be in Wednesday morning.  600,000 copies of the album were ordered by music chains so thus he shipped Gold.  But that doesn’t mean anybody will buy them. 

As Of December 15, 1999

Sebitchian Bach “Bring ‘Em Bach Alive!”   3,472
Guns N’ Roses “Live Era 1987-93″ 109,970
L.A. Guns “Greatest Hits & Black Beauties”  6,693
L.A. Guns “Shrinking Violet”  3,035
Metalica “S&M” 673,471
Methods Of Mayhem 44,520
Motley Crue “Live-Entertainment Or Death”  38,036
Slaughter “Back To Reality” 16,495
Warrant “Greatest & Latest” 3,873


Methods Of Mayhem debuted on the Billboard Charts at number 71 and sold 44,520.

Guns N’ Roses sold 49,172 last week, which is 4,652 more than Tommy Lee did.

Metallica sold another 202,345 copies last week and are at #13 on the Billboard charts.

Motley Crue moved 9,533 units last week.

Sebastian Bach had a huge week selling 688 CDs, which is up from 434 last week.  See, Metal Sludge sells albums!  We put up the FU Award that week and he sold more albums.  Either that or he must have seen the last set of Sludge Scans and went out and bought a few hundred copies (with all that $$$$ he has from selling 22 MILLION ALBUMS!!!!!).

Warrant sold 227 CDs, which is down a bit from their previous week of 229.

L.A. Guns “Black Beauties” sold 150 CDs, while Shrinking Violent sold 34 CDs last week, 30 the week before.   The best seller in Perris Records history continues to blow out the doors of fine retailers everywhere!!!

As Of December 15, 1999

Danzig “6:66 – Satan’s Child” 26,078
The Donnas “American Teenage Rock N’ Roll Machine” 13,487
The Donnas “Get Skintight” 19,173
Downset “Do We Speak A Dead Language” 80,465
Firehouse “Category 5″


Gary Hoey “Ho Ho Hoey” 10/10/95 -

 …Virgin Re-issue 9/23/97 -

 …Hollywood Re-issue 10/6/98 –




Gary Hoey “Ho Ho Hoey II” 9/23/97 -

 …Hollywood Re-issue 10/6/98 –



Gary Hoey “Ho Ho Hoey III” 5,714
Incubus “S.C.I.E.N.C.E.” 146,922
Misfits “Famous Monsters” 29,548
Eddie Money “Ready Eddie” 10,024
Motley Crue “Greatest Hits” 475,039
New American Shame

Will Records Release 3/9/99

 Atlantic Records Re-release 7/6/99



Nine Inch Nails “The Fragile” 558,583
Orange 9MM “Tragic” 47,756
Queen “Vol. 3 – Greatest Hits” 17,603
Ratt “Collage” 32,193
White Lion “Fight To Survive” 6,061 *
White Lion “Pride” 196,909 *
White Lion “Big Game” 34,542 *
White Lion “Mane Attraction” 234,259 *
White Lion “Best Of White Lion” 148,352
White Lion “Remembering White Lion” 1,426

As Of December 22, 1999

Alice In Chains “Nothing Safe”  408,131
Crimson Glory “Astronomica”  1,735
ECW Extreme Music 55,808
Guns N’ Roses “Live Era – 1987-93″ 168,472
Jethro Tull “J Tull.com” 42,106
Marilyn Manson “Last Tour On Earth” 70,649
Metalium “Millennium Metal Chapter One” 3,048
Metallica “S&M” 926,229
Methods Of Mayhem 83,230
Ministry “Dark Side Of The Spoon” 62,384
Motley Crue  “Live – Entertainment Or Death” 48,523
Riot “Sons Of Society” 2,120
Joe Satriani “Not Of This Earth” 104,011 *
Joe Satriani “Surfing With The Alien” 1/1/87 -

 …Re-issue 6/15/99 -

Re-master 8/3/99 –

430,455 *



Joe Satriani “Dreaming #11″ 101,050 *
Joe Satriani “Flying In A Blue Dream” 343,321 *
Joe Satriani “Time Machine” 305,154
Joe Satriani “The Extremist” 766,532
Joe Satriani “Joe Satriani” 256,422
Joe Satriani “G3 Live” 149,968
Joe Satriani “Crystal Planet” 202,416
Stone Temple Pilots “Core” 4,374,325
Stone Temple Pilots “Purple” 3,983,891
Stone Temple Pilots “Tiny Music…” 1,509,100
Stone Temple Pilots “No. 4″ 358,187
Tiamat “Wildhoney” 7,879
Steve Vai “Flex-able” 61,206 *
Steve Vai “Passion And Warfare” 253,858 *
Steve Vai “Sex & Religion” 182,069
Steve Vai “Alien Love Secrets” 103,116
Steve Vai “Fire Garden” 88,432
Steve Vai “Flex-able Leftovers” 14,913
Steve Vai “The Ultra Zone” 41,395
WCW Mayhem 158,787
WWF Full Metal – The Album 172,843
WWF The Music, Vol.3 1,123,203


The Christmas buying season means most everybody has experiencing increased sales.

Methods Of Mayhem sold 38,706 copies last week, which is down from their first week total of 44,524.  MOM went from #71 to #103 on the Billboard Charts.

Here’s a interesting note.  When Vince Neil’s first solo album came out, Exposed, he debuted at number #13 and fell to #22 his second week. 

Motley Crue sold 10,487 last week.

Metallica went up in sales as “S&M” sold 252,757 this week, up from 202,345 last week.  They are still at #13 on the charts and has almost sold Platinum within a month.

Marilyn Manson’s “Last Tour On Earth” sold 9,743 copies last week, up from 9,252 the week before. 

Guns N’  Roses scans up from 49,172 last week to 58,502 this week (totals scans of 168,472).  However, despite almost selling another 10,000 more records, it drops on the charts from  #66 to #70.

For some reason I couldn’t find WWF Volume 2 & 4.  I’ll keep trying.

Happy Holidays!

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